Avene Tinted Moisturiser spf 50 50ml + Thermal Water 50ml

Avene Tinted Moisturiser spf 50 50ml + Thermal Water 50ml

Avene Tinted Moisturiser spf 50 50ml + Thermal Water 50ml

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Manufacturer: Avène


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Very high protection of sensitive skin .
Effective across the entire spectrum of solar radiation (UVB-UVA long and short ) .
Without paraben, without alcohol . Confirmed UVA agreement with the European recommendations.
VERY water resistant. 100 % photostable .

The benefits of

It answers all the requirements : Effectiveness, quality , pleasure and reliability .
It benefits from the exclusive combination of active ingredients "SunSitive protection ®" achievement of Group Research Pierre Fabre:
* Complex photoresist active ingredients with complementary and synergic effect ensures a minimum number of chemical filters in the compositions .
* Pre - tocopheryl , photostable promorio vitamin E, which offers additional cellular protection .
* Avène Thermal Spring Water with natural soothing and anti - irritant properties .
It offers invisible , non-greasy texture that makes application of the particularly pleasant .
Available in colorless form , teintée, with or without fragrance .
Tube - pump airless: Practical, pump helps us to easily get the right amount of product that should apply .

It is suitable for me ?

Very high protection of sensitive dry skin .

Photocopy I and II
(very pale and white skin - blonde , red hair) .
Hypersensitive skin in the sun .
Skin that always burns in the sun .
Each skin exposed to strong sunlight .
- The cream teintée helps us to cover your skin imperfections to make up the skin with difficult or uneven pigmentation and improve skin color .
The form - fragrance recommended especially for sensitive skin that is allergic to fragrances.

The Right Moves

Before sun exposure , apply evenly to the skin .
Reapply often applications where prolonged exposure and after each bath .
The use of this product should not encourage you to long exposure to the sun .
Avoid exposure between 12h and 16h.
Burns are dangerous , especially to children.

Thermal water with a neutral pH. Unique composition soothes and softens the skin and restores the natural balance of the skin. Clinically proven in over 300 studies to calm , soothe and soften the skin.


Used by 1743 Hydrotherapy Center to treat serious skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis , psoriasis and eczema . Thermal Water Avène. The key element in all skincare products and treatments of Avène.


A journey 40 years in the Cevennes Mountain allows water Avène to acquire the perfectly balanced mineral composition and gradually enriched with minerals and silicates .


Protects and cleans the skin . Low mineral content (NoCl, 266 mg / l), adapted to sensitive skin will not dry out your skin (compared to other thermal waters ) .


Bottled straight from the source. The Avène thermal spring water is the only thermal spring water directly from the source syndedeomeno Centre Hydrotherapy and the factory is adjacent to the Center . The first time he sees the light when it touches your skin ! With pH 7,5 has perfect balance between anions and cations.


It can be sprayed on open, clean wounds . It will not sting or burn skin . Bacteriological naturally clean. Without preservatives . Hypoallergenic and non- comedogenic .


Skin Type : For all skin types . Ideal for sensitive and allergic skin. Relieves redness and irritation. Strengthens the skin's natural defenses .


Suitable for: eczema , atopic dermatitis , irritated skin. In burning, prickling , itching or tingling . In facial redness after surgery , as well as irritant dermatological treatments . After shaving , after waxing during the trip. In sunburns , mild burns , rashes in the diaper . For before makeup , and after cleansing . Also , after sports and exercise .


Unique and constant composition: rich in bicarbonate ions, calcium and magnesium , with low metal content (207 mg / l), rich in natural silicones (14mg / l), rich in trace elements (Zn, Cd, Cu, B.. . ) , with pH near neutral ( 7.5 ) , temperature and upwelling 25,6 ᵒ C. Instructions:


Sprinkle lightly pressing the valve , leave on 2-3 minutes , then blot gently dabbing it. Spray as often as needed .


Packing and Quantity : Bottle type of spray 50 ml.

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